Part of the Archaic Roman Boats (1200-300 BC)
The Carabus here is typical of the boats of the late Neolithic, a mixture of ancestral techniques peculiar to the peoples of Europe but also of Asia (craft in skin of the basin of Mesopotamia) related to the Coracle Gaulois, craft going back to an even more age And it is difficult to date (it is possible that Neolithic tribes crossed the Atlantic on coracles during the ice age). But the Italian peasants and fishermen still used them around 300 BC. JC .. The Carabus is a sort of large wicker basket in the shape of a conch, waterproofed by skins sewn on the outside. The seams were themselves coated with grease and the hull was turned over and dried for a long time in the sun. These light boats were used on lakes, rivers, and cabotage in calm weather.