Illyrian Lemboi (pirates)

Lemboï, later romanized as "Lembus", was the fetish ship of the Illyrian pirates (Illyria is the present Croatia, with part of Slovenia), which controlled all the eastern part of the Adriatic, The law, at least until the Romans took matters into their own hands at the urging of the razed and ransomed cities, and made Illyria of Teuta (the mythical "queen of pirates") one of their First colonies. The Lemboi were also cited by all Greek authors since the fifth century as small boats that only row, sometimes with more than 18 rowers. They were bridged only at the extremities, very rapid, 12 to 18 meters long and 3 to 4 wide. Polybius mentions that Philip of Macedonia used about 180 BC. JC. Of the Lemboi to transport his army. The pirates were at the same time rowers and fighters, the distances to be traveled were too short to have the utility of a large hold or a sail. The lightness of the Lemboi allowed them to be hauled on the beach at night.