The Roman Liberner was a small moner (a single row of oars), which like the pirate hemolia used mutiple swim to ensure the most power for the ship's gauge. The Byzantine Liburne, on the other hand, has been transformed in time into a galley of strong tonnage, armed in the same way as the Dromon. On the other hand, they often used a mixed rigging of square and latin sails. The galley above is a large Libury of the end of the eleventh century, of 100 oars and 300 rowers, with 60 men on board. It is equipped with rotating catapults, two of which are forward on the protected deck of the foredeck, a siphon, a lead dolphin suspended from the yard of the front mast, and could hoist up to the mast of the nacelles protected for archers. The combatants could take their places on the narrow gangways of the bulwarks, the rowers being lower.