Patile Mirlapore

Also known as Patli, known and used by the present Pakistan and India for centuries, of origin hard to pin down, the Patile said of Mirlapore, the famous city of the Ganga which is at the origin is the traditional transport barge par excellence in western India. A solid vessel with a flat bottom, the Patile recalls the junk in its principle. Like all river boats, it carries an enormous saffron, and in order not to lose space, its hull is not bridged, but only reinforced by transverse barrots.

Its shade is very pronounced at the back, and a hut surmounts it, in a cane and covered with coconut thatch, sometimes integral, sometimes limited to the rear. This is surmounted by a maneuvering platform. Built in clapboard or in freeboard (in Pakistan), Patilé sails as well as rowing, has a sail battened in coconut fibers. The Pakistani and Bangladesh Patile have a higher bow and stern and often two masts. They are still used and built.