Lost in the mists of antiquity, what can we tell of the relations of man with water at the end of the Neolithic? One will probably never know how this story began. Although there are rare traces that date well before 10 000 years of men using canoes, mostly peoples of Central Asia and the Sahara, with a very different climate during the ice age.

The caves of Tibesti contain scenes of hunting and fishing dating back to that time. Canoes were also found in the mud at random from excavations, also dating from the late Neolithic, and this throughout Europe.

All these indications suggest that the ship was "invented" in its simplest form possibly 50,000 years BC It was probably brought from Central Asia and the prosperous Indus basin, a possibility introduced by the Indian word "Batel", which is found in Celt, and currently in "boa", "boote", "boat"...

But it is mainly born out of necessity all over the world, in forms that vary according to the material More locally abundant, and the simplest (canoes and rafts) will still be built as long as forests exist.


ancre Late neolithic boats:

  • Dugouts

ancre Ice Age Skin Boats

  • Kayak
  • Umiak
  • Coracle (basket boat)
  • Canoe

ancre Reed boats:

  • Thor Eyerdahl
  • Totora

ancre Rafts:

  • Jangada
  • Chinese rafts

ancre Bronze age ships (3500-1500 av JC.):

  • Egyptian Predynastic boats
  • Mycenoanean ships
  • Minoan ships
  • Achean ships