The Odam (here the Odam Poodam), is a cargo characteristic derived from Dhows used in Southern India, and originating in the Laccadives archipelago. She features two leaning mastswith Arab sails (Lateen-Setie), but tops a jib on a short boat-out. As always, the bow is very sharp, though rounded, and the stern sharp and receding. Coconut wood was used for the curves. Odams had a crew of 4 to 6 men, housed in the rear castle covered with a masted roof, and supplemented by a central hut used for the storage of perishable goods. These vessels generally measured 18 meters for 5.18 meters wide with a draft of 4.30 meters. They load their cargo into a large, one-piece, decked hold. The Odam, which was still in use recently, is beginning to disappear slowly. Their ancient origin remains mysterious.