Harry Grace a Dieu

Successively called Imperial Carrack, Henry Imperial, Henry VIII's Royal Carrack was built in 1514 on orders to replace the Regent, sunk previously after a duel with the French Admiral Ship Mary de la Cordelière (which sank too). Known only from launch as the Great Harry she has been on par with Portuguese Santa Catarina do Monte Sinai, the largest carrack ever built. Harry Grace a Dieu's ("By the grace of god") height was reduced in 1536 to avoid excessive roll, and its rigging lowered. Her artillery was quite impressive for the time, with 184 heavy bombards, up to 251 guns of all calibers. She famously carried the king to Francis I's Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520 for an historical meeting. Afterwards her career was relatively uneventful, until she burn at Woolwhich in 1553.