After their independence the Dutch set up the largest trading empire of their time. Large fleets of versatile ships, carrying large quantities of goods, especially spices and silk, but also well-capable to defen hemselves with powerful defensive artillery. The lesson of the British corsairs pitted against Spanish trade had been retained. This type of ship specifically used by these large far-east trading companies would later be called "Indiaman", up the XVIIIth Century.

The VOC galleons, a real multinational with current standards, and at that time a state within the state, with its own army, regulations, police, justice, sent galleon convoys powerfully escorted to these mysterious lands of the "far east", Indonesia, Malaysia and India. The enormous price of the commodities transported justified the constitution of this empire. One of these galleons, the Batavia, was reconstituted in the 1990s by the Dutch. She could very well lend itself to an adventure movie so much the history of its mutiny has nothing to envy to that of the Bounty.