NAVISTORY, the sailing ships encyclopedia. Enter in the realm of ancient vessels, boats, rafts, a reference since year 2000 now in ful refit and translation process. Here is the ancient archive page: Navistory try to depict all known types of vessels (wether oceanic to riverine) the preistoric times to our days, with detailled, dedicated illustrations and rare reconstitutions. Published by numerous great edition trusts like Mondadori, the National Geographic and many more, seen in expositions, shared on dozen websites, these are very unique.

It's a going on process, already 300 references strong.

Navistory treats a lrge variety of sailing, traditional, wooden boats and ships of all eras and corners of the globe, since the dawn of humanity: Poitevin swampts Bettes to Swiss Leman lake barques (and renaissance galleys), Suez Boutres, huge carbon trimaran frm "The Race", Byzantine Pamphilos, Swedish Undenmaa, recent sailing yachts, Alexandre the great underwater glass bell, Dutch Poons, Portuguese caravelas, Huge junk-like "Treasure boats" from great-admiral Zhong He, Zanzibar Mtepis, Calcutta's Kotias, Macedonian Hepteres, 1st rank ships of the line like HMS Victory, and many more...

Grandes explorations - Flash

Flash map (pedagogic) on great explorations.